6 Mistakes Influencers Should stop Making

There are several mistakes that some influencers keep making. But it’s time to stop for a while and think about them: are they really worth it? We explain typical mistakes, how to avoid them and why it is extremely important to stop making them.

1. Purchasing Likes and Followers

Of course, you are trying to grow your account and you are willing to have more and more dedicated followers, who will engage with your content meaningfully. But this is truly a difficult task, although, realistic.

If your posts are good, healthy, interesting and regular you will establish a great solid followers base sooner or later. You should post engaging content regularly so that people really like it.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it’s a good idea to follow this approach. Well, let’s see here. Yeah, it’s quite tempting to buy likes and followers especially when it doesn’t cost much for a few thousands of followers.

But as a true Influencer your goal is a bit different: you wish to become a genuine influencer and build meaningful relationships with your followers. You also should always keep in mind that sometimes it’s illegal to do that if you get caught.

And this is not the most important part. Many brands wouldn’t want to work with you if they see you inflate your audience with fake followers. That’s because most fake followers will not result in sufficient ROI for brands. Both your followers and the brands who might want to work with you are looking for authenticity in your content. So it’s really is a good idea to grow your audience organically, even at  a slower pace.

2. Poor-Quality Images

Instagram is all about the photo. You will get more engagement if your pictures are beautiful and appealing. They also should be of a good quality. What if you post poor quality pictures? Well, then you’ll get the opposite: people won’t like them. Instagram is about impressions, and those must be great.

What do I mean, when saying poor quality? Don’t post blurry images and videos. Don’t post offensive or unprofessional content that could hurt your chances of securing brand partnership opportunities. Your followers will likely unfollow you if the content that you post won’t look good enough.

Use a good camera to produce content. Also I would recommend learning some basics of Photoshop or any other image editing tool to make your pics even better.

3. Posting Infrequently 

Do not post too often or too seldom. Both are no good. You could make up some schedule for you, which you could stick to. There should be a good balance: if you post too often, the people will start thinking it’s too spammy. If too seldom, they might even forget who you are.

Also pay attention to your Instagram account analytics to inform the best time to post to your audience. When you understand the best time to post, you’ll get higher engagement because more of your followers will see your posts.

You may want to look out for tools online that will schedule your post automatically. Once you have chosen the schedule, it will do the job for you.

4. Posting Ineffective Content

The content of your post matters too. Posts with bad images or irrelevant, not interesting content are not well received by your audiences. You also need to remember about the balance between your regular posts and sponsored posts. If you keep posting only sponsored posts, your followers will think that all you want from them is making money — of course in this case they will feel uncomfortable and will unfollow your profile.

While you may think that the attention of followers will be on photos, they do read your captions. Try to keep it short and to the point. If you intend to write a really long caption, make sure it’s very interesting and relevant.

You should also choose hashtags carefully for your posts. Balance is very important here as well: do not use too many hashtags or irrelevant ones. Don’t load your posts up with irrelevant hashtags: this can have a negative impact on your post too. Use tools to work with hashtags to improve your engagement rates.

5. Saying “Yes” to Everything

This is something we talked about in the 4th point. This is one of the most common mistakes influencers make. I’ve seen this a few times with new influencers. They tend to say yes to any brands that approach them without considering whether or not the brand aligns with their niche.

It’s important to question whether the brand and the content a brand is suggesting will fit well with your audience. Because, remember, this is exactly what everyone wants from you – authenticity.

6. Too much or too less personal information 

As an influencer you let people on your social media accounts into your life. They want to know more about you, how live and how you do things. They want to know your interests, your likes and opinions.

However, there is always a good balance that must be present. Too much personal information about things that are out of context, unnecessary can irritate your followers and can hamper your image. Like, if you are food influencer, it won’t make much sense to keep talking about how a movie did not make much sense to

Mistakes can be costly and can spoil all your efforts to become a powerful influencer. Being authentic and dedicating yourself to creating quality content can go a long way. If you can keep doing this consistently, you’ll get more followers quickly.

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