How to Get Verified on Instagram

The application should be available to all, no matter if you’re using a personal or business Instagram account. In order to share the best experience, we applied for Instagram verification and will tell you step- by- step exactly how to do it and what to expect.

Are you ready to request your own blue badge? Let’s go for it!

So, what is the verified Badge for?

I am pretty sure, everyone of you has at least once seen this little blue checkmar next to some Instgram account name. This blue badge means that the account has been verified. This one is to tell, that the person behind (or brand / business) is authentic.

And why is it so important to us? Generally speaking, there are a lot of fake accounts, floating around of the famous or influential people or businesses on social media. And this is not cool and should stop.

This blue badge will make sure, that the account you are following is real and belongs to the person or brand, that is being represented.

If you’re wondering who exactly gets a verified profile on Instagram, the platform leaves the exact requirements a little vague.

Who Gets a Verified Profile on Instagram?

Some time before we couldn’t even know, what are the criteria for being able to get the blue badge. It was a total mystery.

Here’s what it tells you.

“A verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name to indicate that the account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity in represents. “

But with the new rules anyone will be able to apply for verification from Instagram. But on the other hand this doesn’t mean, anyone will have a chance to get verified. The exact definition of a notable public figure or celebrity isn’t clear – and it seems like internal Instagram moderators will be the judge.

While there’s value to all of us in getting Instagram verified, those with the most followers and greatest reach do have the most to lose, so we can expect there to be some (unspecified) threshold of followers or reach required to be accepted. The rest of us should just keep on building our followers and reach until we qualify as well!

But, hey, it doesn’t hurt to go and try!

Why is it cool and important to Be Verified on Instagram?

Does the craved blue check mark really mean anything? It does! In order to be verified, you have to upload some personal information which identifies you as the REAL you. It will also give you some nice benefits, which will be a real difference in your marketing on Instagram.

Building Trust

Trust is of course so important on social media. And there are a lot of guys out there, trying to steal your account and your fame, if you are at least a little bit famous on Instagram. Your friends and followers of course should report this, but it’s always frustrating and is a waste of time for the followers to go sure, that you are the real person. This blue badge helps them save time and feel trust to you.

Get Instagram Links in Stories!

Whenever your account is verified, you will be able to link your Instagram stories to blog posts or any other landing pages. You won’t need dozens of thousands of followers, we will all profit from being able to attract even more traffic from the Instagram.

As a little tip, you should use tracking in your links to make sure you know, where the clicks are coming from.

How to Get Verified on Instagram

It’s simple! Just:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the Menu.
  3. Click on the “settings” gear.
  4. Then go to and click on “Request Verification.”
  5. Enter your full name (your personal name).
  6. Upload a photo of your ID. This could be any one of:
    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • National ID Card
    • Business tax filing
    • Business utility bill
    • Article of incorporation.

When Instagram team has reviewed your application, they will let you know. That’s it! Enjoy being authentic ☺

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