How to Use Hashtags to Grow your Social Media Account

So, we all know what a hashtag is and why it is there for us. Using hashtags will help you increase engagement, and also grow your social media account. But what is even more important to understand for you as an Influencer that hashtags help you find your target audience. This is extremely important if you want your campaigns to be successful and bring you money.

This method is especially effective within social media sites like Instagram where users can follow hashtags and see all the posts that use them.

For example, if someone follows the hashtag #travel, they’ll see recent posts that have that hashtag in their feed.

But not everyone knows that hashtagging is some kind of Art: you should learn how to do it right.

Here are some tips how to find the best ones

Look at what other influencers are doing.

Who are involved in the area of your interests? They can give you insights into what hashtags are working best. So just go through other Accounts like yours (what those accounts, you would associate yourself with) and take note of the hashtags they’re using freaquently.

There is also a cool online tool, which will help you search different keywords throughout Twitter and Instagram. It’s called

Look out for the trends.

Whenever there’s a trending topic or hashtag within your industry’s circle on social media, take note of that. You can use that hashtag then for yourself.

Be specific.

Don’t forget to be yourself. Sure, you should look out for trends around, but don’t be like someone else. You should only take their best practices, still being yourself. Try being unique and specific. The more specific your hashtags are, the more opportunities your target audience will have to see them and get interested in your account.

Be creative.

Setting the same amount of same hashtags is no good. There are also some tools, designed to find such users and you might be blacklisted for that. So try to be creative and think your hashtags through. Don’t try to put as many hashtags as you can. This is not going to help you bring in your target audience. And you don’t want this to happen! Your hashtags should really reflect what’s in your post.

You should also keep in mind that there are thousands and maybe even millions of pictures, being posted every second on Instagram. So you really should think about what time you do your posts. Because in the search results they will disappear soon after they have been posted.

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