Our Story

CovetMe was launched in 2014 from our company Code is the New Black, we named it our fashion and tech innovation-hub located in Berlin, Europe’s Silicon Valley. It was founded by Yvonne Tesch; entrepreneur, revered for her success in ecommerce and the advertising industry with a strong technical background, and Jessica Hannan, NET-A-PORTER.COM alumni and fashion editor from London, a perfect alliance …

CovetMe users picked up incredibly fast and we were overwhelmed to grow to more than 400.000 users within a few weeks and won our first advertisers.

Still Influencer Marketing was not a well known term and still in its infant shoes. End of 2015 we had to close the platform because we ran out of cash due to our tremendous growth. Until now!

We're back!

The CovetMe idea is still nowhere seen in the market and the social media crowd’s impact on industries, products and companies has exceeded our wildest expectations therefore we decided to relaunch CovetMe in the same spirit of 2015:

Sharing deserves a reward.

You deserve a reward. Start earning now.

Nothing is more authentic and valuable to brands than your word of mouth.

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