Success without millions of followers

If you are thinking about taking part of the new era of Influencer Marketing but you don’t have thousands of followers or you don’t know anything about it, you can still make your impact on the market! Time has changed and not only Greta proved to all of us that everybody can be insanely powerful

Become an influencer if you have a social media account and start earning money with it. How is that possible? I’ll tell you.

Did you even realize, that more and more brands are showing interest in nano-influencers? Nano-influencers are those users, who have an ordinary social media accounts. They used to praise those influencers with hundreds or thousands of followers. But then it took them years to understand, that it’s not enough to just work with one-off transactions of product and payment in exchange for a post.

The market transforms and it’s getting harder to gain trust of your users. So brands started to think about ways of to raise authenticity, honesty, and integrity. And this is exactly where you come in place!

Brands are starting to look for nano-influencers, because: 

… they want to promote their product where it feels authentic to their target audience. One is more likely to buy a product which is being recommended by a person in their friend circle more than someone who is a celebrity and doesn’t know them personally. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? We call it authenticity.

… it has been observed that when the number of followers increases, the engagement rate decreases and big influencers with a whole lot of followers have really low engagement rates. At the same time Nano-influencers’ Engagement rates can go up to as high as 70%.

… brands of course want targeted marketing and with big influencers this does not happen always. If a person has a lot of followers, of course, you would expect, they have different followers with varied interests and demographics.

So now as we understand, that every person can make a change in this world, let’s have a look at

How to become a successful Influencer, when you don’t have millions of followers: 

1. Have the knowledge. 

Everyone has some knowledge. I’m sure, you also do. It’s important, that you are good at some area, where people trust you. Then know, that you know the staff and they trust you. It doesn’t mean, you have to have some plan and stick only to one format, noo. But if people know you have some expertise, then this is your field.

2. Be experimental… sometimes

Try something new, mix up things that you do or how you provide information. You are the one, who knows best your audience and how to communicate with them.

3. Be authentic.

Talk to your people as you would at any other given time. Remember, being an incluencer doesn’t mean copying stuff and just posting it on your page. Brands are expecting some personality from you, that’s why they came to work with you!

Soo, it’s nothing complicated and you can start today! Remember, the future of Marketing is in your hands.

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